(W4A33 & F4A33 / 1G & 2G)

Sinister Speed Torque Converters Feature

*Custom Designed Configurations in 9.5″, 9″ and 8″ Converter Sizes
*100% Furnace Brazed For Less Slippage (Pictures on Home Page)
*Precision Robotic Welding
*Computer Balancing
*Pressure Testing
*Custom Reinforced Turbine Hub
*New Torrington Bearings
*New Double Nitrous/Balloon Plates
*New Impeller Hub
*Turbine Spacer Bearing Vs OEM Plastic (Upgraded in Spring 2016)


Our 1G 90-94 AWD & FWD DSM Automatics come with these Torque Converter Specs
Non Lockup, Twin Nitrous/Balloon Plate, 20 Spline, 4 Pad, M10x1.50 or M10x1.25 Threads, 8 1/2″ Bolt Circle, 110 Tooth Ring Gear, 1.06 Pilot

Our 2G 95-99 AWD & FWD DSM Automatics come with these Torque Converter Specs
Non Lockup, Twin Nitrous/Balloon Plate, 20 Spline, 4 Pad, M10x1.25 Threads, 8 3/4″ Bolt Circle, 110 Tooth Ring Gear, 1.06 Pilot






aka 8″ Core 2
*Smallest turbine in the DSM market
*Highest stall and flash stall maintaining 3% slippage
*Tightest top end couple at 3% slippage (Stock is 6.5%)

Track and Street Converter for Turbos 64mm and Smaller
Fastest NON Nitrous E.T. = 8.93@147mph w 40psi (3.7% Slippage)
IFO Winning Torque Converter

THE SPOOLINATOR 8″ Core 2 Weighted Picture Below

8″, 1G 90-94, 18lbs, Bolt On Torque Converter


8″, 2G 95-99, 19.5lbs, Bolt On Torque Converter




aka 9″ Core 1

Track and Street for Turbos up to 80mm
Ideal for Stroker Engines w/o Nitrous or
Medium to Large Turbo Street/Drag Car w/ Nitrous
Fastest E.T. so far is 8.45@164mph

THE STROKINATOR 9″ Core 1 Weighted Pic

9″, 1G 90-94, 19lbs, Bolt On Torque Converter


9″, 2G 95-99, 20.5lbs, Bolt On Torque Converter




aka 9.5″,

Drag DSM ( 7-8 Second E.T.) with Nitrous or
Small turbo (14b-16g) looking for a better flash stall and more MPH than the stock converter up top
Showing sub 3% Slippage at 140mph on a GT4202 at 38-40psi

THE DRAGINATOR 9.5″ Weighted 1G Pic Below

9.5″, 1G 90-94, 20lbs, Bolt On Torque Converter


9.5″, 2G 95-99, 22lbs, Bolt On Torque Converter



Our 1st price increase in a long time, still the best bang for the buck converter on the DSM market with plenty of non nitrous 9 second auto DSM’s to prove it. The Spoolinator is now a proven legend since it’s 2012 release and the best street/strip converter for all those with 64mm turbos and under. Nothing will give you the trifecta of = Stall, Flash Stall and Coupling like the Spoolinator.

All newly built converters will come with a Turbine Spacer Bearing instead of the traditional spacer. This will resolve any issues with the spacer breaking during shipment, another R&D improvement without any extra cost to the customer.

Instead of raising prices, we have stopped adding weight to the converters as an option due to price increases in labor and materials needed to custom make the converters.

This Summer we officially retired and sold our last DSM 10″ torque converter. The 10″ was our original design to one up the stock restall and the 10″ still holds our fastest E.T. of 8.45. It was originally designed for my small combo Talon and to think we’d have an 8 second Non Nitrous DSM converter to replace it is crazy to say 5 years after it’s debut.

Our 9.5″ Drag DSM converter is showing sub 3% slippage at 20psi on a GT42 and sub 6% on high boost at 140mph. This will fill out our DSM lineup and cover the 8 second drag DSM looking for a great stall and flash stall with nitrous with a tight top end to MPH.

8″ Core 2 just reached a non nitrous best of 9.4@144mph with a 6.7% slippage!!!! This 1/4 pass was powered by a PTE62/66 pushing 38-39psi and still has some room left in total boost and 60ft. We believe this is the Auto DSM non nitrous record but am not sure. We’ll keep you updated as this DSM tries for a 9.0 E.T. this Summer.

8″ Core 2 was in the winning DSM IFO event running a 10.8 with only 28psi on an FP3052. We also just premiered our 9.5″ Core 1 and Core 2 for those 8 Second DSM Drag Cars. Will have track info starting in May.

8″ Core 2 has been dyno’d and it’s a winner, results on our DSM Data Page. This converter made 90awhp more than the 11″ Restall converter and will stall at least 1000rpm higher. We are now done testing any new 9″ or 8″ converters, we will narrow down our Torque Converter selection for the DSM community and make it easier to put customers into the proper converter for their needs/goals.

We just premiered our newest 8″ Torque Converter, Core 2. It is slightly bigger than 8″ Core 1 and has a Positive Impeller Vane for a tight couple up top. It’s still small enough to offer the 2nd best stall on the market and efficient enough to make you think you still have the stock converter in the car. It can be modified for a tighter top end by altering the Stator to 18 or 16 blade combinations. This will replace our best core to date, the 9″ Core 2 which is loose on the footbrake yet tight up top.

We have TWO new 9″ Cores to help supplement the varying DSM combos, 9″ Core 1a and Core 2a. These cores are slightly less stall than there Core 1 and Core 2 family members but are slightly more efficient. These will help fill the gaps in between Street and Strip combos and those with and without Nitrous.

9″ Core 2, weighted with 20 Blade Stator has been to the racetrack. Converter is showing 6.5% coupling and is ideal for all small to mid turbo street cars and any DSM with Nitrous at the racetrack. With an 18 blade, 16 and 15 blade option this converter can easily couple tighter to a potential 3% max.

New race built trans from DEVO2NING is in and the 9″ core 2 with a 15 blade stator. First impressions are = TIGHT. This is definitely going to MPH more than our old 10″ Level 5 I had in the car, I’m already seeing 3mph on just the highway at 3000rpm.

Furnace Brazed cores are in and we are excited to introduce more efficient racing converters to our customers.

*All Torque Converters Require A $100 Core Fee, Refundable Upon Core Return. Cores Must Be Marked LK for 1g AWD, 6K for 1g FWD and 3x for 2g AWD and FWD

* Email Us With Your Combo Specs at sinisterspeed@hotmail.com

* We Recommend A Large Transmission Cooler With A Fan When Running Our Converters At The Track

* There are NO RETURNS on custom made converters.